Circuit Blocks allow children to have concrete experiences with raw materials, allowing them to better make connections and find their ways to more abstract thinking. 

We classify our Component Blocks into essential components (batteries and wires), DO components (switches and controls) and HAPPEN components (light, LEDs, motor, buzzer). This language supports children’s concrete language experiences in describing their learning work. Children can name what they DO to make HAPPEN, supporting their growing expressions about cause-effect, and in turn, supporting their access to more and more complex thinking about systems.

Although technology is the material for children’s play with Circuit Blocks, it is only the vehicle for children’s learning about many other things, including the habits of mind to notice carefully, wonder deeply and persist inside struggles.

In order to support children’s practice of such habits and encourage opportunities for children to slow down, speak precisely and think about their thinking, we believe in framing limits for children’s work with Circuit Blocks. Limits create opportunities for innovation. Limits nudge children into spaces where they can find and create more depth of thinking.

Some of our learning explorations are shared here in order to support such framing of limits to maximize children’s depth of experience and learning with Circuit Blocks.

learning explorations