Circuit Blocks are designed with the intention of supporting meaningful, rigorous learning opportunities for children both inside and outside of classrooms. Using Circuit Blocks with this intention affords children opportunities to slow down, dig into struggles of not-knowing and find and follow their internally-motivated curiosities.

We trust in children’s desire for learning. We want children to be producers, not consumers of technology. We want children to define and form their own expressions and meanings. And most importantly, we believe that developing a habit of persistence is what children most need to be successful in the world.

Circuit Blocks are building blocks for children to develop understandings about systems and computational thinking. This work supports sensibilities required for children to create and sustain curiosities with raw engineering materials. Designing circuits on breadboards, soldering, and computer programming become possible with fewer scaffolds because children become interested in understanding the what, why and how of the learning. From one of our students: "I think everybody should know what a breadboard is. And, how to make mistakes. If you don't know how to make mistakes, it will be hard to work on a breadboard. I always make mistakes while on the breadboard." Learning how to make mistakes and keep going to deepen understandings is an outcome of slow work with Circuit Blocks and other raw materials.